These links and resources were used to help us create this web page, so you may want to check them out:

Barry's Clip Art - A nice site for different backgrounds.

The Free Graphics Store Archives - Lots of images, both moving and non moving.

The Construction Site - Good Site for construction images.

Remote Control - A internet program by Christopher Joyce on the history of remote controls.

Radio Design Group - An informative site about remote controls.

These are the books and encyclopedias that we used to create this web page:


"Remote Manipulators." McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology. New York: McGraw-Hill Publishers, 1997

"Guided Missiles." McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology. New York: McGraw-Hill Publishers, 1997

"Remote control."World Book Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book Inc. 1990

"Ultrasonics." The 1995 Grollier's Multimedia Encyclopedia. Published by Apple Computers and Mindscape, Inc.


Here are some links to pages of other students participating in the ThinkQuest competition also:

The Physics of Golf - All about golf and how it works.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Web page - Discusses the electromagnetic spectrum, its parts and its uses.

BikeWay - Nice site about the physics of bikes and how they work.

The Magic of Physics - Web site about many different aspects of physics.

Catch The Wave - Information about waves and how they are affected.

These links go to the web pages of our coaches:

Modellbahn Ott Hobbies, Inc. - Web site of the number one Marklin Trains dealer in the United States.

Chris' Bills Homepage - The page for the hardcore Buffalo Bills fan.

Here are some other places we enjoy visiting while surfing the net:

ESPN Sportszone - Total sports network.

Y-100 - Local Philadelphia radio station where you can listen online.

Dr. Pfahler's Page of Physics - Web page of the greatest physics teacher ever(our current teacher obviously).

BASH On-Line - Web site of our school created by the students.


ThinkQuest - The site our competition is through.

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