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There are many different types and uses of remote controls. Some of the types include radio, ultrasonic, laser, mechanical, and infrared control. Radio control is used in controlling remote control vehicles like planes, boats, or cars. Ultrasonic control is used in telephone answering machines and in some television sets. Laser control is used mostly in guided weapons such as bombs and missiles. Mechanical control is used in handling radioactive materials. Infrared control uses a photodetector in most televisions, VCR's, stereos, and car audio systems.


Remote controls were first used during World War I. Go here to learn more about the history of the remote control.


There are many advantages to using remote controls. In almost every case, remote controls are great time and effort savers. When it comes to handling radioactive materials, remote controls are useful in protecting human health. Remote control cars and boats are used for hobbies and entertainment. Radio control is an advantage because there are military tests currently being conducted to use radio control aircraft for surveillance and air strikes which could save the lives of soldiers.

There are also some disadvantages to using remote controls. When using mechanical controls, human hands are almost always better suited for the job, mainly because a remote control will do the job slower than a human would be able to. Also, possession of the TV remote control has become a source of conflict in many households. Some even claim that the remote has attributed to laziness. A disadvantage to the infrared TV remote control is that it cannot control TV operations when something is blocking the infrared beam. Since the beam cannot penetrate other objects, TV's cannot be turned on or controlled from other rooms or around a corner.

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