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Modellbahn Ott Hobbies stocks all of the Games that the Briarpatch Company offers related to the Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends™ theme. Ages for these games range from 3 years up to either 6 or 7 years of age. They represent high quality boxed games!

BP 8105 NEW! Thomas and the Magic Railroad Game - Now in Stock!

Lady is trapped in Muffle Mountain and Diesel 10 wants to destroy the only way of bringing her back to the Island of Sodor.

To play: Players travel all over, searching for the missing track and for the Magic Gold Dust tiles. Once the Missing Track is completed, the first player with three Magic Gold Dust tiles rescues Lady and wins the game. But if Diesel 10 gets to the Magic Grotto first, everyone loses!

Great game for children 4-7!

Contents: 1 Island of Sodor playing board, 32 tiles, 6 engines, 1 Magic Buffers piece, 1 sturdy spinner. 2-4 players, ages 4-7.

Retail Price $20.99 => Our Price $19.99

BP 8101 Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends™ Number Game

Thomas rolls down the tracks bringing an exciting number game for children. Learn your numbers and how to add them too!

To play: Beginners choose numbered pieces to fill the train car. Advanced players use the spinner and choose the correct pieces.

Contents: 4 playing boards, 24 number pieces, sturdy spinner. 1-4 players, ages 3-7.

Retail Price $19.99 => Our Price $15.99

BP 8102 Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends™ ABC Game

T is for Thomas, P is for Percy... matching fun from A to Z.

To play: While matching letters and pictures, players practice their ABC's with Thomas and all his friends.

Contents: 26 interlocking alphabet pairs. 1-4 players, ages 3-6.

Retail Price $19.99 => Our Price $15.99




BP 8103 Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends™ Domino Game

Beginning players will delight in this version of the classic matching game.

To play: Make a domino chain by placing matching pictures end to end.

Contents: 21 domino playing pieces. 1-4 players, ages 3-6.

Retail Price $14.99 => Our Price $11.99



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