Dear Marklin Customer,

Many of our customers are unaware that they can find part diagrams and part number
listings for Marklin products on the German Factory Website (GmbH).

We have 2 versions for you to try. The upper version was added in February 2009 when the update was received from Marklin, GmbH. We suspect this version will be more fruitful than the January 2008 version explained below.

As of February 2009, just follow this link to a page where HO, Z and Gauge 1 parts lisings and drawings reside:

When we revised the directions during January 2008, we were unable to locate the diagrams but this will get you the parts listings.

Here is a step by step "How To"

1. Go to (home page)
2. On the "Home Page" tool bar, put your Select "SERVICE".

3. On the next page displayed, select "Suche" (search).

4. On the next page select "Ersatz- & Verschleissteilsuche.

5. On the next page, enter the number of the Marklin item you need part numbers for and hit "Suche" (Submit Quer).

6. The next page will display the item number with a link to its parts listing.

7. The link will display the part numbers and german descriptions.

I hope this helps you find and identify parts needed by you.
Please note: The retail cost is shown in Euro's. Please contact us
for actual cost.

Best Regards,
Bill Ott

Modellbahn Ott Hobbies, Inc.

Revised 022509