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We are representing a customer's collection of clockwork vehicles made by Marklin between 1990 and Present. Marklin has discontinued their "Metall" program (similar to erector sets). No new vehicles have been announced recently. Special payment arrangements will be made and a discount for multiple-item purchases can be discussed.

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Order Mini-photo Larger Photo Description Background Details Original Price SLASHED Price
Large Photo M1103 1995 Exclusive Clockwork 1930's Race Car - 7000 Made The Metall SSK racing car is the largest of Marklin's clockwork racers It is a re-edition of the 1107R from the 1930s. This item was available on a limited basis from authorized Marklin dealers in the United States as Item M1103. Production was limited to 7000 units worldwide. $699.95 $SOLD
Large Photo M1990 500th Postal Anniversary Clockwork Mail Truck Containing Cancelled Stamp - Rare The M1990 yellow Postal Truck was the first in the series of replica clockwork tin-plate trucks manufactured by Marklin. The original truck was manufactured in the 1930s. The M1990 replica was manufactured to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the German Postal system and was only available for sale at Post Offices within Germany. The M1990 Postal Truck includes a cancelled stamp inside the back door of the postal cargo compartment. (see inset) $2799.99 $2239.99
Large Photo M1991 Clockwork 18" Ladder Firetruck - Only 90 Imported to the USA The M1991 Fire Truck was the second in a series of replica clockwork trucks made by Marklin. Unlike the Postal Truck, however, the Fire Truck was sold through Marklin's dealer network. Only 90 of these were imported to the USA by Marklin. This truck enjoyed an immediate demand as speculators saw the value of the yellow Postal Truck rise quickly and cross-over firetruck collectors strongly desired this truck and that affected the market. The M1991 Fire Truck continues to be very hard to find and prices for it are as high as the yellow M1990 Postal Truck. $1099.99 $SOLD
Large Photo M19034 1998 Exclusive Clockwork Pumper Firetruck Marklin offered the M19034 Fire Brigade Water Pumper in 1998. It was only available through Marklin's MHI dealer network. It joined the other clockwork firetrucks in many collections. $699.99 $SOLD
Large Photo M1992 Clockwork Delivery Truck - Limited The M1992 Delivery Truck was the third in Marklin's series of replica clockwork trucks. This truck remains hard to find. $899.95 $719.96
Large Photo M1993 Standard Oil Clockwork Tank Truck The M1993 Standard Oil Truck was the fourth in Marklin's series of replica clockwork trucks. It remains hard to find and is subject to some cross-over interest from fuel truck and Standard Oil (Esso/Exxon) collectors. $899.99 $719.99
Large Photo M1994 Nickel Plated Clockwork Delivery Truck The "Maxi" truck is a nickel-plated version of the M1992 DeliveryTruck (sold in the U.S. with Marklin catalog M1992). The Maxi truck was part of a promotional package that dealers were allowed to order in early 1994 when they placed their initial orders for Marklin's then-new Maxi line of large-scale tin-plate electric trains. The promotional package was sold to dealers with a Suggested Retail Price of well over $2000.00 and included individual locomotives, railroad cars, erector set airplane, and two nickel-plated clockwork vehicles. $894.99 $715.99

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