"Layout Building Handbook For Operators of Marklin Trains"
available from Modellbahn Ott Hobbies, Inc.

This book was written by Carl Weaver, an avid Marklin modeller and offers plenty of ideas to help everyone build their dream layout. Naturally, it is printed in ENGLISH! It's a wonderful addition to everyone's Marklin library! (only $18.95) The book contains plenty of color photos in the following highly useful sections:

  • Location and Preparation of Your Layout Room
  • Gathering Supplies and Preparing a Toolbox
  • Layout Planning
  • Benchwork Construction
  • Track Laying and Catenary Installation
  • Controlling Your Trains
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Scenery Construction
  • Structures Modeling
  • Layout Maintenance
  • Layout Photography
  • Family Relations
  • 104 pages

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Authored by William G. Ott