Adirondack Lake Action!

My departure.

Taxiing in from the beach.


Photos of N6244V taken early Summer 1999:

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Bill Ott Phone: 610-845-7995 after 8:30pm EDT
2469 Old Rt. 100 Phone/fax (days): 610-367-5925
Barto, PA 19504


Update 9/15/00: This aircraft has been sold.

9/1/00: The aircraft remains for sale as the "interested buyer" (see below) was unable to sell his BE-58 Baron and had to back out of the deal.

A deposit for purchase was received on 8/15/00 with a closing date no later than 8/31/00. (This deal fell through. See above.) Thanks to everyone who expressed interest.

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page!

05/11/00 Update: Annual completed 05/02/00. Compression readings 76/80, 75/80, 78/80, 76/80. TTAE 1130. Brand NEW Battery installed 05/00.

Aircraft is based in Pennsylvania and has been well maintained since purchase
in July 1996. Hull is quite tight and free of damage. Engine has excellent compression and performance. Exhaust stacks are horizontal to preclude rain entry.
Aircraft is ready to go and can be demonstrated and/or delivered (expenses paid by buyer).

Price $77,500.00 OBO Reduced to $69,900!! ...almost $8,000.00 below book!

1977 Lake LA4-200 Buccaneer
Serial No. 859

Total Hrs.: 1150
Engine: Lycoming IO-360-A1B
SMOH: 1150
Hartzell HC-C2YK-1BLF
Prop SMOH: 10 hrs. (01/99)

Comm 1 Collins 351
Comm 2 Collins 251
Nav 1 Collins 350 w/Glideslope
Nav 2 Collins 351
3-Light Marker Beacon
DME King KN-62
H.S.I. Narco HSI-100
Transponder Collins 950
RNAV Foster Airdata 511
Encoder King -127

All AD's through 98-10-12 Stabilizer Attachment Fitting

Aircraft specs subject to verification. Not responsible for errors.

7/11/00: Answer to some FAQ's about my Lake:

Why are you selling it? When I purchased the Lake in 1996, after wanting one since BEFORE I got my pilot's license in 1979, my expectations were to use it to fly into Canada and also to visit my parents who Summer on the St. Lawrence River in upstate NY. At the end of 1998, I encountered some "parental difficulties" with my parents which have left some permanent scars, at least at this end. As a result, my visits to the Thousand Islands have become infrequent (and uncomfortable). I have persued trips to Canada and other areas and truly love flying the Lake, feeling much safer over hostile terrain than in my other plane, a 1979 PA32-300 Cherokee Six. The Six has flown my family of 5 around the country as a "load & people hauler". My Lake has been my "fun" plane and it fits that bill exactly! So...things change and it's time to sell. My sons are nearing "leaving the nest", so it's just time to send this fun toy to it's next owner. As a pilot, I think we all like to move on and challenge ourselves with some new and exciting activities in aviation. My intent is to move into a twin, partly for the challenge and partly from that desire for "bigger/faster" that many of us suffer from!

Cruise speed? I've had the plane trued out at 114 knots (131 mph) with just myself on board (headed to Florida)

4 Seats? The back seat can hold 2 adults but you'll end up out of CG before you get to Gross Wt. 3 large adults total is no problem. I've flown off of water with an adult and child in the back seat with another young child up front. The water run was nothing out of the ordinary.

Hard to fly? Like any transition, you need training! Differential brake steering in the taxi is "different" to us trike "drivers". I was told that tail dragger time was helpful (I had none). You just learn to use the rudder more. 35 mph step taxi on the water is a blast! ...with little danger (unlike a floatplane). In front of the wing, you've got the best visibility of anything I've flown.

Insurance? My insurance runs about $1800 per year, $1 million liability and hull covered while not in motion.

Maintenance headaches? The only things I've had difificulty with in 4 years of ownership are brake shoes after 2 years due to brake steering. (IMHO) and my right main strut oleo loses nitrogen when inactive. While I'm flying it on a monthly basis, it holds fine. (Rebuilt before latest annual)

Range/fuel burn: I flight plan for 11 gph and burn about 10.5 gph at 24 square. With 54 useable, it'll fly longer than my bladder with reserves.

What would you add to your Lake? The only option I would add is the aux power plug in case the battery gets low. That'd be real convenient if you needed a jump while on water. Never needed it, but why wait until you do? I've used it on my Cherokee Six once and that's enough.

I considered the various systems available to hold the entry doors up in the air but decided that I don't want them above my head when I stand up NOR do I want them to suddenly flop down when least expected. The technique to flop the doors over from one side to the other is so simple and you always know where they're at! In Summer, it's simple to taxi on land or water while holding the windshield open 6 inches with the free hand.

B.S. I was told when looking for my Lake!

You won't need an IFR panel! (I've flown to the lowest minimums in my Lake, in snow!)

You won't need a heater! (Gimme a break! I like to be comfortable and fly all year! I've used it MANY times.)

You gotta have Bat Wings! I've seen them on other craft and just haven't seen what advantage they realize. Proper takeoffs on water don't erode the prop.

Is there room on your price? The price has been adjusted due to the outstanding wing AD which should surprise no buyer by now. The asking price PLUS AD cost is still well below book value. A Prebuy Inspection has been performed by a local mechanic and I'm certain that this report would be available to another prospective purchaser. (at an unknown cost determined by that mechanic) No Lake is cheap, unless BEAT. I recently declined 2 offers, the higher of which was $65,000 (without so much as a "peek" at the plane!). There's some room, but not a ton! If the craft remains unsold later in the year, I'll get the AD performed and adjust the price proportionally. 50 hours of operation remain for AD compliance.