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Instant Stencils™

INSTANT STENCILS™ can be applied to the following surfaces: wall tile, stained wood, painted wood, glass, mirrors, painted walls, painted plaster and gypsum walls, ceramic, plastic, metal, cardboard, paper and strippable wallpaper. This product is NOT recommended for fabric or materials that wrinkle in use or cleaning, surfaces exposed to prolong intense heat, surfaces exposed to moisture (i.e. sinks or showers), surfaces exposed to excessive abrasion (i.e. floors), natural varnish finishes or shellac, vinyl wallpaper, or sharp or heavily textured surfaces. If there is a question regarding the application, test the stencil on a small, hidden area before beginning. DO NOT apply INSTANT STENCILS™ to surfaces intended to come in contact with food or surfaces that young children can place in their mouths (i.e. crib rails or plastic toys).


1. Before starting, make sure the surface is smooth, clean, sound and completely dry.
2. Plan the layout of the product with graph paper. Remember the Strips, Small Accessories and Large Accessories can be used alone or together to create a variety of looks.
3. Remove the protective liner from the INSTANT STENCILS™ and place the product, tacky side down, on the desired surface. INSTANT STENCILS™can be repositioned on painted walls prior to rubbing the design on the surface.

4. Position and hold the stencil segment with one hand, rub briskly with the INSTANT STENCILS™ Applicator. Start in the upper left corner of the design, and rub with pressure in a back and forth motion. (Note: Seam roller tools can be used when pressure is applied.)
5. The pressure will cause the transfer process to begin. A change in color to a milky white will indicate the release of the stencil onto the surface. (Hint: Work on small sections at a time, concentrating extra time on areas with thin lines or great detail.)
6. Frequently check to insure the design is transferring by slowing lifting the carrier liner. If the design has not fully transferred, replace the liner and continue to rub until the color change occurs.

7. When the entire carrier sheet is milky white in color, it will easily slip from the surface to reveal the full design. At this point the carrier sheet will be void of color or design.

8. Allow the INSTANT STENCILS™ to bond to the surface for 48 hours before touching or cleaning.

9. Repeat steps 1-8 for each new segment or accessory.

10. If a surface coat or finish is desired, test a water-based product on a small area before beginning.

OTHER HINTS 1. Individual designs can be cut in countless ways to create new, unique designs. When cutting apart the stencil designs, leave the protective carrier liner attached to the stencil until it is applied to a surface. The Small Accessories should be cutout prior to application.
2. When applying the stencil to an inside or outside corner, cut the stencil exactly at the corner. Apply the first segment into the corner, match the design at the point of the cut, and apply the remaining piece. Simply wrapping the stencil at a corner will prevent the stencil from completely adhering to the wall.

CLEANING INSTANT STENCILS™ can be gently cleaned with a soft damp sponge, mild soap, and warm water. Do not apply excessive pressure when cleaning. This product is not recommended for dishwasher cleaning.


1. Painted Wall Surfaces: Apply an appropriate barrier coating over the INSTANT STENCILS™, allow sufficient drying time, apply paint or wallpaper as directed.

2. Non-Porous Surfaces (Tile, Glass, Ceramic, Metal): Apply baby oil or acetone-based fingernail polish remover to soften the adhesive. Clean with a paper towel. Work small areas of the design at a time, dissolving and removing the stencil color and adhesive. When using any type of remover, work in a well-ventilated area and insure proper safety precautions.

3. Wood Surfaces (Other Painted or Stained Surfaces): Lightly sand the stencil using paint stripper or acetone-based fingernail polish remover. The surface will have to be repainted or stained as the cleaner or sanding will affect the surface.

4. Some Plastic Surfaces: Place duct tape over the stencil, apply pressure with the applicator and pull the tape quickly from the surface. In some cases INSTANT STENCILS™ cannot be removed from plastic without damaging the surface, a ghost image of the design may remain on the plastic.

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